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The aura in Lagos NYSC camp was on another level on December 14, there was excitement on the faces of the corpers as they were bidding farewell to the Camp that has housed them for the last 3 weeks. They sure did seem like they will miss the stroll in Mami market deciphering which food to buy, the activities, playing games among others and no so much the  early morning wake up calls, the lining up to bathe, singing the Nigerian anthem at 6pm, frog jumps for indiscipline etc.



Some of the corpers were interviewed on the camping experiences and had different views on their time in the camp. Blessing excitedly told us that camp was fun filled with different activities like man-o war, marching parade, soccer, making friends and foods in Mami market. She also commended Access Bank that her registration was done, ATM card, account number and alerts were received as at when due. Temi also had a good experience at the camp, she said the camp has prepared her for the real world and the nightlife at the camp was fun where she met new people. Temi’s Account opening process with Access Bank went smoothly.




On the other hand, Morenikeji did not have an enjoyable experience in camp. She did not enjoy the early morning parade and evening parade. Also, she had to queue the all day to open her account and could not make withdrawals at the cash point because of insufficient funds. Joy also said there were some issues with Access bank at first because cash withdrawals were problematic due to insufficient funds, issues with BVN and irregularities. However, they were all sorted out in time.



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