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Heineken Lagos FW closed recently and after Day 1, I needed the week to end for a few reasons.


a. THE FAKERY aka Pretending to be who you are not.

Darling don’t sit front row if you’re not bringing spice to the event and purchasing something later.

It broke my heart to hear that a number of designers saw an absence of sales. Can you imagine not selling a single piece after slaving away to bring the people a well-rounded collection in addition to the runway production.


b. Family and Friends Event: Only those who are close to the facilitators were expected to come through for the event. The rest of Nigeria could jump in the Lekki Lagoon.

Ok, NO, let me rephrase, they tried to make the event as exclusive as possible. Ticket prices doubled this year and the reason behind this was to attract only people who were fully invested in fashion.

We hear you loud and clear LFW.

In this economy that’s what you’re doing? …  Jokes!

‘You can’t sit with us’ 

I myself had a run in with a backstage facilitator who pathetically tried to hinder my team from curating content behind the scenes. Claiming AF was not part of the club of media people allowed to capture BTS content.

Oh please, they were trying desperately to keep it within “the family ” and save opportunities for their people only.

This favoritism stretched out to designers as well and the decision-making process behind who shows at what time.



c. Poor Production: Shows always start late, but this year LFW took the piss. On Day 1, almost four hours after the start time, we saw Orange Culture open the show. Meanwhile, earlier in the day, I saw the designer backstage prepped and ready with his team.

Day 2 saw a little bit of time improvement but the issue then skipped to the runway shows themselves. (Maxivive had a good collection but a poorly executed satire runway show; it was confusing and we just needed the noise… I mean, the music to desist.)

Let’ s not talk about the food stalls, or should I say one Urban fusion truck and a canopy serving boiled Indomie noodles with eggs … Even recalling all these factors is making me upset right now.

House of Kaya

House of Kaya


d. The Good: Nevertheless, in all things and at all times I strive to focus on the positives; such as Ugo Monye & Maki Oh’s thought-provoking message to Nigerians about curbing Tribalism and Slut-Shaming respectively.

Sunlight Detergent set up a stall in Balmoral tents where they worked tirelessly to empower women through fashion and in a way, the Nigerian retail economy as well.

They invested in certain retailers to design dainty floral dresses (similar to the company’s logo). Notably, @zurizolawoman was amongst the designers who sold outfits to flatter any shape thereby bringing out the confidence in you.

The change of location this year was a nod to forward movement but I wish better luck for next year’s event.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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