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Fashion Etiquette begs for these attitudes to either be scrapped or implemented.

DO the needful when it comes to your attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way because you never really know who is who. Don’t be rude whilst interacting with people you meet. Fashion designers and consultants don’t wear tags to identify themselves, so don’t end up being rude to a person who could possibly change your life for the better”

DON’T go broke over Fashion Week

Darling, don’t be deceived, not everyone paid for their outfit. You can slay on a budget by reaching out to retailers to collaborate with. They can offer you pieces to wear for FW in exchange for pictures and due credit.Gorgeous girl at FWDO Dress to impress, but not at the expense of your comfort

Darling, I’m giving you this advice because I’ve been there. Strutting in 6 inches looks cute on ‘those’ blogger girls but if you’re not about that life, remember your comfort levels. Carry cute slippers in your purse especially if you did not drive to the location OR better still, opt for your most comfortable pair to avoid pain and disgrace.

DON’T sit with crossed legs

People of the FROW, forget every etiquette lesson you’ve ever had. Once a runway show is about to start, a photographer usually yells out “uncross your legs.” This is to ensure that no stray limb shows up in the professional runway pictures.

Khalid at FW

Photo Credit: Pinterest

DON’T make any faces you can’t defend later

Cameras are everywhere so be mindful. Even if a photo is being taken of someone else, if you’re in the line of sight, whatever expression you have will be captured forever. So please, be mindful of being in the background of someone else’s street style shot. Save yourself the drama and keep your expressions cute and candid.

fashion week 2019

Photo Credit: Lagos Fashion Week Official website

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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