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Late Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Chuck Berry, who died in March at the age of 90, is out with a brand-new album.

Chuck Berry

The album is said to have been recorded completely just before he died.

Recognized as one of the most influential musicians of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Berry started recording new songs in his studio in the U.S. state of Missouri soon after his previous album, “Rock It,” in 1979.

Unfortunately, 10 years later, the tracks were destroyed in a studio fire.

According to son, Charles Berry Jr:

“He had nothing. So, he builds another studio and goes back to work recreating or creating new music through that 25 year span.”

The album, which features 10 new recordings with performers such as his former live backing band as well as his children, Charles Berry Jr. and Ingrid, on guitar and harmonica, is dedicated to his wife.

Berry was married to his wife, Themetta “Toddy” Suggs for 68 years.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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