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The world we live in is a weird and wonderful place. It’s full of everyday miracles that we all just seem to take for granted on a daily basis, or push to the left.

Well, today we will be looking at the 10% of the worlds population who actually have super powers and what it means to be a member of:

The League of Lefties!


As mentioned earlier 10% of the worlds population are left handed, and as small as that number sounds now just imagine if someone said they would give you 10% of N7.6 Billion. Ehen… doesn’t sound so small any more does it?

That said, though out history, our left handed friends have always been discriminated against. Being forced to learn how to use their right hands and even looked at as weird, lazy, feeble minded, strange or even cursed in some places. As such in this day and age, in some countries lefties are so persecuted that they hide their leftness and just pretend to be slow at writing etc with their right.

It’s hard to imagine but just look at our everyday utensils. They are all manufactured for right handed folk and the lefties have to either learn to use them or go look for specialized leftie stores (Yes, Flanders from the Simpsons had the right idea with his “Leftorium”)

See, scientists have been doing research and it turns out that not only do lefites favour their left hands (and find it hard using regular scissors etc) but they also seem to be better at using parts of their brains!

It’s said that a left handed person performs better with divergent thinking (this is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions) and may just be the reason why many US presidents happen to be lefties them selves. So remember that when you want to Hi Five president Obama.


As if that wasn’t enough, lefties also have a form of super hearing! Yes, you heard right. Studies have shown that lefties are known to better hear slowly changing sounds. So if your left handed friend ever asks; “Did you hear that?”, then just know that they are not going loopy, it’s just that you probably didn’t hear it yourself.

Now, if we are talking about super powers, we have to look at person to person combat. As you well know, lefties would always prefer the left hook or jab, and as a right handed person you would seem to miss the fast approaching fist as your brain is anticipating an assault from the attackers right fist. So it has shown that in combat, lefties seem to reign supreme.

So, there you have it. The lefties are blessed yet cursed at the same time. Use this opportunity to give a shout out to a leftie friend and remember that August 13th is National Left Handed Day in the US, so spread the love and stay awesome!


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