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One thing we love about hairstyles is the creativity that comes with different looks.


Have you ever seen someone with their hair bound together in thick, rope-like arrangements? That hairdo is called braids.


Women often braid each other’s hair or get it braided by a hairdresser. The longer your hair, the longer your potential braids.


To braid hair, you have to weave the strands of hair together: this is also called plaiting, lacing, and interlacing. Other materials can be braided, but the most popular thing to braid is definitely hair.

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First, we are focusing on lengthy twisted braids while we discuss more hairstyles in subsequent series.

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There are so many tips regarding today’s topic, ranging from the size, length, colour, style, creativity and many more to watch out for this season.


Unlike the normal or Bob-Marley braids which come with three strands plaiting, the twisted braids come with two strands plaiting.
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This look comes in different sizes, lengths, colours and can be styled in different ways as discussed earlier.

Written by Obiajunwa Ugochi

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