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Written By Damilola Faustino

The people of Akwa Ibom and Calabar are known for their cooking expertise. Marry an Akwa Ibom lady and you rest assured of delicious meals for the rest of your life. This is not an exaggeration! Ok, let us check out Ekpang Nkwukwo. This is a delicacy prepared with grated cocoyam. It is a Nigerian food native to the people of South-South Nigeria. Follow us as we take you through the step-by-step journey of making Ekpang Nkwukwo.



Water Yam (Optional)

Vegetables (pumpkin leaves, and Scent leaves)

Palm oil

Crayfish, Periwinkles

Onions and pepper

Assorted Beef, offal, dried fish and snail (Optional)

Salt and seasoning

Cooking Directions

Wash the periwinkles severally to remove dirt and sand. After washing, cut off the sharp end of the periwinkles. This will make it easier to suck out the periwinkle. Set aside.

To prepare the pot, add a little palm oil into an empty dry pot and rub the oil all around the corners of the pot. This is to prevent burning.

Slice and peel the water yam and cocoyam. Wash with clean water and grate into a medium sized bowl. Sprinkle some salt to taste and mix the grated yams thoroughly.

Soak the Pumpkin leaves in salt water for 5 mins to remove the germs and dirt then rinse severally with clean water.

To prepare, pick one a pumpkin leaf and place the grated yam mixture over the surface. Wrap and place in the oiled pot. Repeat this same process until the grated yam is exhausted.

Place the pot with the arranged yam wraps on the burner, pour in the rest of the periwinkles, add seasoning, pepper, crayfish, onion, fish and palm oil

Cook on medium heat for about 25mins till it starts to boil. While it cooks, do not stir unless it will burn. After this time, you can now stir gently.

Add the rest of the palm oil, leave to cook for about 10mins.

Add the scent leaves and leave to simmer for about 5mins more and your Ekpang Nkwukwo is ready!

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