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If you are a Nigerian, you’d know that one of the most important events you can attend is a wedding party (No pun intended).

A Nigerian wedding is by design, a colourful event full of pomp and fanfare. The moment you receive a wedding IV, you immediately start planning what to wear. If asoebi is provided, even better, you immediately storm Instagram looking for the latest asoebi styles because you cannot afford to be left behind.

Now, if you happen to be the couple; oh well, let’s just say it’s going to be a hectic couple of months leading up to the big day. From drawing up a guest list, making allowances of course for the ‘mogbo moya’ group (mogbo moya refers to one who wasn’t invited for an occasion but goes anyway, simply because he heard about it), to getting your vendors and making sure they do not disappoint you, you definitely have your work cut out for you

The process of planning a Nigerian wedding has never been an easy one. Some of the attendees are there for the sole purpose of judging and criticizing your wedding; from your attire of the couple, to the food and even décor. This puts pressure on the couple to ensure that everything about the event is standard.

These days, social media and the internet are not helping issues. All the glamorous weddings you see online make you begin to set high standards for yourself and you just know you want a “BellaNaija wedding”.

However, I for one think there are certain things that are somewhat overboard and can be reduced if not cut out entirely in the wedding planning.

Let’s talk about 4 traits of Nigerian weddings that I think are highly unnecessary.


  1. Asoebi: This for me is the most irrelevant thing done in Nigerian weddings, especially when it comes at an exorbitant rate. I’m the one getting married not you, so why should I care if you’re wearing lace, Ankara (African fabric) or even English wear? It brings added stress for you and your guests. It’s a NO from me.


  1. Outrageous wedding gowns: I wouldn’t mind if my husband bought his wedding suit for a million naira because it could still serve him years after the wedding, but seeing as I would not be using my wedding dress after that day; simple and classy does it for me, thank you.

wedding guests

  1. Guest list: I saw a wedding on Instagram where the bride mentioned her guest list was over 3000 and I thought to myself; was her whole community in attendance? I think weddings are intimate occasions for our nearest and dearest and I see no reason for inviting my entire neighborhood for my wedding. Family and close friends will do for me.


  1. Borrowing: Of all aforementioned things, this, I believe is the most silly. And this is not just a social media thing, this has been happening for a long time and many will tell you about their bad experiences borrowing to finance a wedding. Please, after the wedding comes the marriage and the worst way to start a marriage is in debt. Draw up a budget according to your finances and stick to it. You’d be happy you did.

I hope this helps anyone planning to get married soon. Lots of love.

Written by Ewomazino Gold

www.zinorocks.blogspot.com             IG @zinogold1

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