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“Amo gba ti buki wa ni primary 4, 94 nigba to shi man wo pina fo …is a popular line from one of the late Da Grin’s songs which made hits when it was released years ago. One thing that caught my attention and still does is his reference to a clothing item, pinafore (or as he called it, Pina Fo. Lol)

While listening to that song, I started thinking about the good old days (especially after the Vogue article with the sandals) 80% of people who had their primary and secondary education in Nigeria can definitely the ‘Pinafore experience’ as most Nigerian schools (government owned especially) include the pinafore piece in their school uniforms.

But did you know that:

1- A pinafore was a sleeveless garment worn as an apron in times past? And aprons were originally used for practical, decorative, as well as ritualistic purposes. Ah…

2- The name was derived from the fact that the piece of clothing had no buttons, was simply “pinned on the front” leading to the term ‘pinafore’.


3- There are majorly 3 types of apron. A half apron, full or bib apron and slip on apron.

4- A half apron is a small piece of fabric that extends from the waist to mid-thigh or longer.


5- A full or bib apron covers the chest and ties or loops behind the neck and ties at the waist. So basically, it looks like a dress- but man lowkey, that thing is an apron.

6- Slip on aprons are like hospital gowns or a backwards, sleeveless shirt. So if you’re going to wear one, you better have some pants on. Or your bum bum will be in the breeze.

7- It will be safe to add “School Uniform” apron as a fourth type as Nigeria schools have re-invented the apron/pinafore over the years in the name of school uniform.

Written by Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Images: Google