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Fashion editors, journalists, models and just about every fashion misfits will all be counting down to attending LFDW16’ – and for some, it’s always the same cliché line every year. Here are some cliché lines you just might hear.

Don’t judge us, it’s just life.

  • “I am a model, blogger and DJ”
  • “Who are you wearing?”
  • “Where’s my driver?”
  • “You Ubered?”
  • “I look fresh? Awww, Thank you. I’ve just come back from London/Dubai/South Africa”
  • “How was the traffic?”
  • “Did you drive?”
  • “I can’t remember the last time I could feel my feet”
  • “I am OBSESSED with “
  • “Do I look ok?”
  • “What makeup brand are you wearing?”
  • “Our driver is stuck at Third Mainland Bridge. Urgh traffic.”
  • “Your natural hair looks so nice, where do you twist them?”
  • “Can we make a stop at Silverbird, I’m so hungry”
  • “Are you walking for LFDW too? Wow, that’s so cool”
  • “That’s so chic” [the most overused fashion world in fashionese]
  • “This show is so loud. Don’t they realize it’s loud”
  • “That model is a born model.”
  • “Oh I just threw it on.”
  • “I’m so in love with this collection. It gives me life”
  • “Where did I get it? Oh I think a vintage somewhere in SA, sorry.
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  • “It’s so cold in here”
  • “I’m SO gonna blog that”

Did we miss out any cliché terms? Include them in the comment box below.

Written By: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

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