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We just stumbles across a campaign that was simply out of this world and made us say “YES it can be done!”. Liberian Model Deddeh Howard teamed up with photographer Raffael Dickreuter to create replica images of some of the world most famous ad campaign that only features white models in order to bring the lack of diversity to the lime light again. It’s no hiding the fact that we live in a racially divided world and fashion still hides under the cover of creative prejudice. Not to be inclusive clearly shows the world is stuck in the dark ages.
The issue of diversity is one that the fashion world has been struggling with for many years now and is an issue that won’t go away any time soon. Models like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks have for years advocated for equality in fashion but Deddah Howard did more than talk. She showed what a diverse world could look like a lot of these brands have a diverse client base and need to be held accountable to change practices that are simply just silly.
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We love her courage and bold idea behind the campaign, it is strong, unapologetic and reiterates the fact that we no longer need to ask for acceptance- we just need to take it.
Written by Tokyo James