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By Damilola Faustino

Ladies, if you’re thinking of clubbing for the first time, you might want to be prepared. Have these tips at your fingertips for your night out and remember to think things through to ensure you’re making good decisions:

Go with friends
Going clubbing for the very first time can be intimidating especially if you’re going alone. But if you are with a couple of close friends or even a whole group of people, you will be able to stick together and help each other out should anything happen while you’re out.

Be street smart

A club is a place where everyone is there to have a good time. At the same time, there are certain people who are just there to foment trouble and pounce on vulnerable girls. This is why you should be street smart. Do not stray far away from your friends and if you have to, go with your friend.

Have home transport organised

You can request Uber depending on the time you leave the club. But sometimes, you may be too tipsy to do this. Perhaps you should have a cab driver who will wait for you and your friends to convey you home after the party. In this case, you have to pay him handsomely.

Watch your drinks
Always watch your drinks! If possible, insist on buying your own drinks yourself or get a female friend to buy them for you. You should also be hesitant about accepting drinks from strangers or even a male friend you know. This is because they may have slipped something unpalatable into your drink that will mess you up.

Have a drinking limit

Since you are clubbing for the first time, it’s fair to say that you won’t have much experience with drinking in clubs or possibly coming home in the late hours of the morning. One thing you can do which will let you fully take control is to have a drinking limit and stick to it. In addition, have a general time that you will plan to leave to ensure you get enough sleep and have time to let your body rest after all that dancing, drinking and partying.

Have fun

Stay safe. Enjoy and have fun!

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