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Almost every week Netlfix updates its catalogue with hilarious Nollywood content. So this week we’ve compiled a list of the top four Nigerian movies we’ve watched and deem beyond entertaining for you to binge watch. Check them out below.

Merry Men 2: Another Mission

The Charming Foursome are back in this sequel where things get a whole lot more crazier. The men tagged as the four Yoruba demons, have hung up their ‘Robin Hood’ career and settled for a life of taking care of their family and businesses. 

Living In Bondage: Breaking Free 

Generational curses become literal in this sequel as we follow the story of the ambitious Nnamdi, Andy Okeke’s son, yearning for the life of becoming a ‘Big Man’. Under the mentorship of a mysterious tycoon (Ramsey Noah) he becomes drawn deep in the occult as he continues his rise to power.

4th Republic

The 4th Republic is a political thriller, starring the magnetic Kate Henshaw, explores the dynamics of politics in Nigeria today. Watch the realistic depiction of the power struggles within the Nigerian political system.

Crazy People 

Starring the Nollywood Veteran Ramsey Nouah, Crazy people follows an actor (Nouah) who returns to Nollywood searching for the fraudster that stole his identity. 


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