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There have been recent announcements of an upcoming live action “The Lion King” movie by Disney, and oh boy, have there been mixed feelings about this.

Scar dey vex

Not Another One!!!!

We can understand the thinking behind it after the recent success of the live action “The Jungle Book” movie which came out earlier this year. With this they wisely decided to keep the Iron Man director Jon Favreau, as he also directed Jungle Book.

just looking

we are just looking sha…

But the question now is “Really? A live action Lion King?”… A lot of people are upset as they have fond memories of the animated version and because we all know Disney has milked the movie for all its worth (lion King 1, 2, 1 ½ , The Lion Guard, on Broadway, etc.)


lion king broadway

Disney is just like “Where is the money”

So what do you think? Can Jon F. bring this movie similar success enjoyed by The Jungle book?

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