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In a beautiful fusion of football and fashion, Egyptian and Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah, lands cover of GQ Middle East.
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The 26-year-old Liverpool shinning star who’s also the best African player spoke with the magazine in an interview, telling of his journey, the sacrifices he made and about the role his father played in making him a better footballer.

“I would complain that I didn’t want to travel [the four hours] to training,” said Salah, remembering the role his father played.

“But he stood by me and told me that all great players go through this. The price for him was very high, and I’ll never forget the role he played in my career.”


Salah had played at El Mokawloon, Basel, Chelsea, Fiorentina, and Roma, but had a major career break after signing for Liverpool.

The curly headed attacker has already scored 42 goals in 53 appearances for Liverpool, and speaking about his performance so far, he said:

“It makes me feel great, and makes me want to work harder and to continue performing,” he says. “Because after that if your standards drop, people will not accept it. It’s a great feeling, but I don’t see it as more pressure.”

For young players aspiring to become a footballer, the Liverpool star advise them saying:

“For me, nothing was going to come easily… nothing good ever does. I went through every possible stage a footballer could go through. Moving from an Arab country to Europe, you feel the difference in everything from the standard of living to food, to communication.

“You don’t know what to do. After that you become organised because you want to reach your goals. If you don’t try then you will always stay at home. I’m not belittling that at all, if that’s what you want, then that’s okay too.’

By Sarah Oyedo

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