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“When I met you I actually thought you were going to be such a b#@!h!” No, it’s just my face.

Realistically, there is something flawed about expecting my face to be smiley every time you look at me. The Resting Bitch Face is the term used to describe faces which appear mean, irritated, judgemental, angry, displeased, bored or unfriendly when the owner of said face is neutral or just not in motion.

If you have been diagnosed or self-diagnosed with a Resting Bitch Face then you have probably been asked, “What’s wrong?” or “Why aren’t you smiling?” an annoying amount of times. It is probably also the reason people hesitate before approaching you or are cautious when speaking to you.

Research asserts that people, especially women, with RBFs tend to be better communicators than others are because they communicate to ensure they are not being misunderstood. For example, paying attention to the words being spoken.

However, what is clear is that people with RBFs have to do extra to ensure they are not being misunderstood or misinterpreted. It also comes with always being self-aware and conscious about what your face is communicating. You might be the most pleasant person to be around but strangers might not know because they have been on the receiving end of your ‘mean’ glares. Sometimes, even the people you are usually surrounded by are thrown off-guard when your face looks emotionless.

People living with RBFs tend to adopt two attitudes. It’s either they do not care and are content knowing they are not being unpleasant or they do care and find different methods to present themselves as the cheerful, pleasant individuals they are.

By: Oshoriame

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