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Have you heard Lojay and super producer Sarz’ new track ‘Tonongo’ ? It’sabout Sarz’s experience of falling in love with a stripper. It’s taken from their forthcoming EP ‘LV N ATTN’ (released via Metallic Music) which will actually feature Wizkid on the title track. It’s a very cool project which pushes the parameters of Afro-Fusion in terms of both sounds + aesthetics.


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The upcoming EP was borne out of Lojay’s determination to persevere through his own dark times during the start of the pandemic last year.  Already a huge Sarz fan, after some reflection he decided to reach out for an introduction which led to a face to face meeting between the two acts.  Despite Lojay hoping to collaborate on a one song, Sarz decided that they would work on an EP together and a 3 month-long boot-camp in Lagos ensued
This is what Lojay had to say re the the track:
“‘Tonongo’ is about expressing the depth of emotion that lies beyond the surface. The single was inspired by the atmosphere of a strip club – moody and dark – a fitting ode to the dancer the song was written about. I enjoy the duality of the song. It ended up making itself and that’s the beauty of it, the beauty of music. It’s so spiritual. I’m just a vessel. I hope people relate to it and find beauty in it.”
Watch the video below:

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