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By Oludara Ogunbowale

I was in my room on a certain day at the Corpers’ Lodge in Birnin – Kebbi sometime in 2012 and suddenly, one of my friends rushed in asking for some tablets of Flagyl.

person with diarrhea

She did not direct her request to anyone in particular but I knew I had it somewhere at the lowest part of one of my very big carrier bags.

As I was caught between sitting down there and rushing to begin the would-be five-minute search, I finally decided to take a chance on the search.

In about three minutes, I found the sachet of Flagyl of about 500 mg and I gave her the whole sachet. Why I did, I cannot say. But I knew she would have to use a few doses before her stomach upset finally stopped.

About two days later, this girl and I met at a remote village where we were electoral officials for the governorship elections. We all had to sleep outside the INEC office and wait to collect materials needed for the elections, which had been slated for the next day.

Then I got hungry and I had to eat something around (as you don’t expect to see Mr Biggs at that remote village), so I ordered some bread and eggs from a make shift shop nearby, against my better judgement. Forget it, this hunger needed to be quenched more than my quest for hygiene.

Alas, in less than thirty minutes, something funny happened (funny enough, I should have expected it). My stomach began rumbling, I felt very uncomfortable and I knew what I had eaten was going to cause me some trouble.

I had to find some convenience and I knew I had begun to purge; I hoped that there was some clinic nearby but sadly there was none. All of a sudden, I saw my friend (same girl) who was smiling broadly. She said ‘Are you okay?’ I said ‘No I think I am purging’ and she immediately looked into her bag and gave to me the same sachet of Flagyl I had given her in the past.

Needless to say, I was grateful and I took two and returned the sachet to her, but she said, ‘No keep it, you would have to take some more.’ Mahn, was I grateful!

So yeah, funny story but here’s why I bothered sharing it:

When I was looking for the sachet the first time the girl asked for it back at the Corpers’ Lodge, I thought it was some trouble. But if I had not taken the care to help her that day, we can only guess what would have happened. After all, the truth is, I would never have thought to carry that drug sachet with me on that trip.

Try to help someone, when it is in your power to help them – even if it causes you a little bother or discomfort. It might just get paid forward and you may be on the receiving end at other times.

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