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Produced by Vikwyn Beats and released via Spoilt Kid Music Group, ‘Dinner’ is an infectious afrobeats offering with lush R&B and afropop leanings, with an added layer of Yoruba rap music from guest artist Mowille. Thematically, the track sees Damola Davis waxing lyrical about love, betrayal, and how, in his own words, “even the hardest of hearts can be vulnerable when it comes to love”, with the accompanying music video for ‘Dinner’ weaving its own tale of betrayal to bring the song further to life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Dinner’, Damola adds that, “the songwriting for this song wasn’t planned. My producer Vikwyn Beats sent me the instrumental while I was in the studio with Mowille, and as soon as I heard it, the flows started dropping. The message I was trying to pass through the song, which was portrayed in the music video, was how vulnerable we can all be when it comes to our feelings and love. When you think of a ‘Kingpin’ or ‘Godfather’, you think of someone who is hard-hearted and trusts no one, but even they have their weaknesses, which in this case is falling for someone”.

Watch below:

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