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Many people have reason to believe that a long distance relationship is a total waste of time and they never work out. Be that as it may, every relationship has it pitfalls to deal with but the extra distance makes it much more difficult. The physical absence of your partner can make you sad and lonely and its much worse when you actually need their presence.

In a long distance relationship, all it takes are two people who genuinely love each other and are ready to make their relationship work despite the distance. Here’s some ways to keep the love alive:

Avoid excess communication. Most people think they need to compensate for physical presence by keeping tabs on each other 24/7. Excess communication can actually make things “boring” and fizzle out the love sooner than it should.

-Have set ground rules. Having ground rules that guide your relationship will ensure that both of you don’t act out of line. Is your partner allowed to go on other dates or are you two exclusive? Your expectations from each other should be clearly stated.

Maintain good communication. Talk regularly be it on phone or video calls, text or instant messages. Update your partner about everything that is happening in your lives no matter how little it may seem- you’ll be surprised how interested your partner is.

Bring on your sexy. Surprise your partner in the next video call by wearing sexy lingerie that will have them swooning. Have you recently started going to the gym and those sexy abs are beginning to appear? Take a shirtless picture and send it to your partner with a teasing text that will make their imagination run wild.

Avoid dangerous situations. Does your girl think that your colleague at work is up to no good and you need to stop hanging out with her? Then don’t bother fighting it- stop hanging out with her. Avoid any situation that can make your partner worried or suspicious.

Do things together. Is there a new video on Netflix you’ve both been dying to watch? Why not make it fun by watching it together at the exact same time. Go online shopping together, play online games together and even take a walk together while video calling.

Make visits to each other. This cannot be stressed enough. Of course there are budgets and schedules to worry about but if you can, visit your partner at the very least once a year and you’ll be very happy you did. You can even make it more significant by showing up unannounced on their birthday or anniversary.

Gift each other something very personal. It could be a locket, a pendant that has a picture of you both, a ring, your old sweatshirt or your favorite fragrance. Little things like that evoke memories can keep you both going when you miss each other.

We know how hard long distance can suck but if it’s true love then at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

Are any of you in long distance relationships? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need more relationship advice then stay right here on Accelerate. 

Written by Treasure Asanammy

Image: shelovesmagazine.com

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