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By John Igbinosun

If you want me to confess to all of my deepest secrets, don’t try too hard y’all. Just get me a really good cologne and I shall be at thy bidding!


Yes! I am a perfume junkie and no, I don’t go for just any scent as for those who know, a good scent can tell only too much about your person. Go out smelling like an over aged insecticide and you know the kind of responses you would get.

Yet some people do take delight in using just anything that comes in a bottle and has some liquid inside, not considering how strong, subtle, or long lasting, it could be.

A good cologne would have to be analyzed on the initial top notes, the heart and the base. But hey! You are probably wondering what that has to do with service and excellent delivery right? Well it has everything to do with it.

Just like I take time out to select a cologne based on the above mentioned qualities and most times based on general reviews, it is also very expedient that to get the very best of a service or product, you must succinctly yet thoroughly follow the product’s features and reviews – don’t just jump in.

It is not enough to love a product, over time, there could be a drop in quality or standard or even the quantity.

Each time I’m in traffic and I see commuters patronize the super lifesaving sausage roll, GALA -*drum rolls* – I look out to see who is a pro and who’s not.

The pro collects the product and carefully (usually will ask that the one from the bottom of the carton be given), analyses it for freshness, gently pressing it to see how soft but most importantly, goes to the side of the pack for the black tiny prints EXP DATE!!! The non-pro will however just pick whichever is sent to him and go his jolly way.

Don’t get lazy now. With so much shopping frenzy going on, the least you can do is take a moment to:

  • Check social media handles on comments of that products. Look out for complaints and the like.
  • Look out for reviews on marketing sites, how many have been sold, how fast it was sold, comments from buyers etc. I even use this when downloading apps. If I see an app with less than a million downloads, I jump and pass!
  • Ask for samples, especially for the colognes. For what it’s worth, you may leave the store with the scent of a million bucks!!!
  • Finally, stick to the products you know. They say the devil you know… Y’all know the rest.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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