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Love is in the air and in the outfit for Simi and Adekunle this Valentine’s Season

The lovebirds, Mr. Gold and wife, Simi, have been making headlines ever since they went public with their relationship, they got married and welcomed their first child amidst a pandemic.

Popularly known as Nigeria’s Bey and Jay, is it any surprise that the dynamic duo are once again a topic of discussion

following their live performance from home which saw the couple serenading each other whilst serving flawless looks?!!

The answer is NO

It’s becoming clearer that when you live with someone for so long, you may start to be like them

in this instance I’m heavy on the fashion game.

Adekunle’s Style

Adekunle never jokes with his accessories and in this case it’s his sunglasses and his jewellery that we are obsessed with.

In the video, he was spotted in vintage rose tinted glasses and stellar rings


Matching up to her partner’s fly, Simi was hot on Adekunle’s fashionable heels.

She served us a covetable pair of red spectacles and stacked chains as the reformed street fashionista she is.

Should you wish to gift yourself and your partner matching gifts this Valentine’s Day,

why not follow the GOLDen couple and delve into accessories,

thereby keeping it cute and simple.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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