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Written By Damilola Faustino

The 21st century can conveniently be described as the age of the Millennials. Millennials who are exceedingly exposed to technology. Technology, in this case, is the internet and social media. Therefore, tech is influencing so many things in our lives especially our love, romance, and relationship life to the extent that persons born before the digital age have been consumed.

Today, relationships are very superficial. It is a camouflage for some people to exploit others for sex (chop and go) and money. And for some, it is just for show off. Nothing deep.

This is not aided by the fact that many people put their relationships out there. You read all sorts of ridiculous issues about love and relationship that can easily be resolved between two people on social media.

Besides, when you try to find out when last they went on a date or saw their girlfriend, the response is two or three months ago. They will tell you we talk on Skype, we call each other, and we chat. Is it an open or long distance relationship? You will be shocked that they do not reside very far from each order.

These are part reasons why relationships don’t last. Hence, it is not surprising when you hear that “people who spend more time on social networking sites, according to growing evidence, report more conflict in their relationships and are more likely to break up, often citing Facebook or Twitter as part of the problem.”

Love, romance, and relationship are not difficult even though there are no defined ways on how to make it work. However, there are simple rules you can use.

Let’s take some of the ideas of the past, tweak it a bit and apply. Have you ever thought about how love was so strong in the pre-digital age? It was real. They squeezed out time to see each other. They bought romantic gifts no matter how little for their partners and they were faithful and committed. This does not mean it was all shades of perfect.

Denying that love, romance, and relationship have not changed is living in a fool’s world. Decide to make yours different. Take it beyond the facade or superficial and have something deeper.

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