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Syndik8 Records rapper, Chukie Edozien aka Lynxxx is set for the release of his Sophomore album titled “The Album Before The Album”.

He is set to drop a new full-length project soon due to his religious influence and rediscovered passion for Christianity.


“The Album Before The Album” is the first body of work since His rededication after the release of his previous album – “This Is Lynxxx” in 2011.

“The Album Before The Album” is an interlude project, as we await another album in the future.

In an interview with BBC Focus on Africa, He said the following;

I was unfulfilled with what I was doing content wise. The market wanted the same pool of subject matter which was money, alcohol and women. It gets boring especially for somebody like me that has a background of knowledge.

It was as if I was limiting myself,  like, I was giving only five percent of what I know to my audience. I decided to take a break to make sure I know why I am doing music and work on music that I personally believe in because, music is art and nobody should tell me what to paint”.

He furthered;

It’s a bit of both because I experimented with songs that were out of the norm, and those songs were not as received as the shallow records. I think that at that point, that was what the listeners were looking to hear and right now, the industry is ready for real music because they have played that for so long that it has worn itself out. I still make hip hop, the difference is that the shallowness and immorality has been taken out. So you are not going to see a music video from me where you have women shaking whatever. It’s not that there won’t be women but it’s going to be classier.”

He has dropped two singles so far  – ‘Serve you’ and ‘Characha’.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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