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By Damilola Faustino

M.I Abaga and his record label, Chocolate City have filed a case against Nas for not keeping to his own end of a deal to provide a verse to M.I after being paid by Chocolate City.

The lawsuit was recently filed in New York State Supreme Court where the American rapper and his business partner, Ronnie Goodman were accused of not fulfilling the agreement they had with M.I and Choc City.

This deal was made back in 2013 where the Nigerian rapper had agreed with Nas that he would contribute a verse to a track M.I wanted to work on. The reason for this collaboration according to the lawsuit is “because of Nas’ exceptional talent as a lyric writer.”

According to the lawsuit, this verse was delivered as agreed upon, but what did not work as agreed is the content of the verse which did not contain what the Nigerian rapper had agreed with Nas. This verse, according to the lawsuit was supposed to contain “M.I, Chocolate City, Nigeria, Queens, New York – Nas’ hometown-, Mandela, Trayton Martin, and the struggles of Africans and African Americans”. 

Chocolate City had requested that Nas records the verse but he never did as agreed after collecting an upfront payment of $45,000 and an extra $5,000 given to his partner, Goodman who represented Nas as an agent.

M.I and Chocolate City are now praying the court order the refund of the $50,000 they paid the American rapper plus a million dollars for damages.

Meanwhile, we have in mind and are awaiting M.I’s album, which is to drop today.

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