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Real Madrid, Atletico and Monaco have one leg in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League as they won their matches even though it was by slim margins. This means that it is not Uhuru for all the teams.


Real Madrid pulled the chestnuts out of the fire as they went away to the Allianz arena to beat Bayern Munich 2-1. Arturo Vidal put Bayern ahead in the 26th minute through a beautiful header.

However, constant pressure from Real Madrid led to Christiano Ronaldo equalising through a volley in the 47th minute. Ronaldo scored his second in 77th which was his 100th European club goal. Before then, Ronaldo had not scored for 11 Champions League hours.

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund put up a wonderful fight against Monaco despite a bomb exploding near their bus on Tuesday. The match was later postponed to Wednesday. They lost 3 goals to 2 at home to Monaco.

For Atletico, they have a huge mountain to climb as they defeated Leicester City via a 28th controversial penalty scored by Antoine Griezmann.

Atletico was rewarded with a spot kick by the referee after Marc Albrighton was judged to have fouled Griezmann inside the penalty box.

Leicester only needs to score two goals to qualify for the next round which seems possible, while Madrid and Monaco will simply ensure that their opponents do not score.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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