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There’s nothing worse than walking around with a face full of foundation that either doesn’t match your skin or is not blended in well, especially if you’re caught by the camera… embarrassment of the highest order. I know it’s hot over here and there’s times your foundation may fault you but the key is to always make it look like your skin is too good to be true!




Know the type/formula of foundation you are looking for

When searching for a foundation, know your skin type. Determine whether your skin is oily/combination and you want a matte foundation or if your skin is dry/normal and you want a dewy foundation. Also, decide whether you want a liquid, cream, powder or mineral formula.

Pick a foundation shade/undertone

Make sure you know what undertone you are after! Yellow based foundations suit warm skin tones (green veins) and red based foundations suit cool skin tones (blue veins). Neutral foundations suit those with hints of cool and warm tones. Test and test and test different brands/undertones to find what is right for you. Be sure to test on your face and not your hand!

Choose a suitable coverage

A light coverage foundation such as those that are water-based would suit someone who wants hardly anything on the skin. A medium coverage foundation is good for an even yet still light layer of foundation. On the other hand, a foundation marketed as full coverage would suit someone who wants to cover imperfections or prefers a full glam look.

Decide which beauty tools to use

The right tools play a huge role in the end result of how your foundation will appear. A stippling brush is great at sheering out foundations and providing a very light yet flawless finish whilst a beauty blender sponge is amazing at providing an airbrushed medium coverage finish especially when used wet. Additionally, a flat top brush is good if you want a full coverage look and works best at blending even the trickiest of formulas!

Blend that foundation

So you’ve got your foundation type, know your shade, know the coverage you want, have got the tools and so all you have to do is blend to the gawdsss honey. Blend so hard your hands hurt lol. At the end of the day, we all want to look flawless 😉

Written by Pamela Ogboro

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