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Written by Rolat-Abiola Folake (4lake)

So today, I sat back to think of all that had ever happened to me and thought ‘well it’s all in the past’ But is it?

Delete "MISTAKE"

What is the meaning of your past? Your past (according to 4lake) is” that action, mistake or event that happened long ago and it’s so bad you want to forget so fast and hope its memories won’t last”.

Everyone has a past good or bad. The bad ones haunts us once in a while.

One reason why politics is a dirty game is that it involves digging out dirts and horrible pasts to remind your opponent and at the same time get public acceptance (very selfish). Past election in Nigeria and the US was a battle to be won by all means by either one side or both sides. I would like to use this as a yardstick to #inspireyou.

Now, your past may be that mistake made by a loved one (Hillary), it may be a behavioural misconduct (Trump), it may be past words or speeches made (Buhari, Trump and Hillary), it may be a  long forgotten lie (Buhari), it may be unkept promises (Goodluck Jonathan) and it may be that thing we did in the past but changed presently but still haunts us (Buhari, Trump and Hillary). Quick question, why bother or ruminate on the past when the present and future still holds? Why let that past stop you from making a difference?

I am not saying you should forget your past or pretend it doesn’t exist. I am just saying, think positive and think present. Do not let that mistake stop you from creating a future, instead be like Trump of the USA and Buhari of Nigeria (I am not being choosy). Stand your ground.

Have a nice day.

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