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By Sarah Oyedo

It can be really frustrating to spend efforts applying makeup only for it to melt off after a few hours (minutes sometimes), which is the everyday life story for oily skinned ladies. Yet this doesn’t mean you should forego makeup entirely, you’ll just have to find what works best for you.

These are expert solutions collected from makeup artists and dermatologists on how best to wear makeup for oily skin types and we have compiled the very best ones for you:


Always prime your skin: Face primer helps oily skin to keep makeup intact for a good number of hours. You should apply primer on the most oily areas like forehead, nose and chin.  Apply primer after you’ve cleaned your face and before you apply foundation or any other makeup.

Go easy on powder: Plying powder on your face seems like a good idea because you want to keep your face “baked” but it will come back to bite you in the butt because too much powder will eventually cause your pores to gush out more oil. Instead, try applying powder on shiny areas and use the translucent matte formula.
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Use blotting papers: Always carry blotting papers in your person while wearing makeup. This is because no matter how matte and flawless your makeup looks in the morning, you’ll start to spot shine when the sun comes up if you’re prone to oiliness. Press the paper to skin to absorb oily and take out shine and peel it off your face instead of rubbing it on your face. This way, you can take out the shine without removing all your makeup.

Go oil free: Since your skin already produces enough oil, it’s wise to invest in makeup products especially foundation and blushes that are oil free and don’t clog your pores.

Look out for long wear products: Generally, using products that are water-resistant or long-wear will do a lot of good since water and oil do the same damage to makeup; make it smudge and smear.

So stop feeling bad about your oily skin. You can now conquer it like a boss!

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