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Have you pulled another all-nighter recently, or are you one of those unlucky girls who look tired no matter how much sleep they get? Luckily, just because some of this is the case, it doesn’t have to mean you have to just make your peace with looking tired forever. With a few makeup tricks, you can look way more awake than you feel.


 Have some tea for your eyes

You’ve probably seen photos of women with teabags on their eyes. This is actually proven to work: the tannins in tea can eliminate dark area by constricting blood vessels, plus, the cold temperature of the teabag can reduce swelling.

Use highlighter

Applying highlighter in unexpected spots can do magic for the tired looking eyes. Dab a bit under the eyes on top of the concealer to hide dark circles. Moreover, if you add a bit to the lower lids, under your lower lash lines, the light will draw attention to your eyes – more precisely, to their centers – it will make this entire eye and under-eye area look brighter. If you want to make sure of it, add a bit under your brow as well.

Don’t forget the concealer

Of course, concealer is probably what you reached for first. But do you actually know how to use it in unexpected spots and make the biggest difference? Add the concealer around your nose and mouth. Sounds weird, but it definitely gets rid of redness or discolouration that can appear when you haven’t had enough of sleep.

Curl your lashes

You can use an eyelash curler or a mascara you know works wonders. The bigger the curl, the more open your eyes will seem. To help the curler work best, heat it with a hairdryer, which will make your lashes curled for longer. Of course, don’t forget the mascara. The trick is to apply it not only on the underside, as you do, but on top of the lashes before going underside!

 Use white eyeshadow

If you’re not a fan, don’t worry: any light shade, such as cream or beige or taupe, can make you look wide-eyed and alert, however sleepy you are. Apply this subtle colour in the corner of your eyes, as well as on the upper lid. When applying, make sure to swoop upwards! This lifts the eye instantly, which again makes you look wide-awake.

Use a lipstick

You might wonder what a lipstick can do for looking awake. The right colour can simply pull an entire look together and brighten your face but if you’re smart with the color, you can even do more than that. Using a red lipstick will cancel out dark blue circles below your eyes!

Arch Your Brows

Another trick that helps bring attention away from your under-eye area is brows that lift the eyes. How can you arch them to do so? Fill in your brows with a brow pencil or, if you don’t own it, you can use a taupe eyeshadow. Do this with light, feathery strokes. Brush them out and voila – there are the nice natural but arched brows and the more awake look!

By Damilola Faustino

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