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During this never ending rainy season, we can be best prepared when it begins to rain by going out in flipflops or rain boots. Sometimes, it just begins to rain from nowhere and we are wearing our favourite pair of shoes. Even if you get cover or are with an umbrella, odds are your shoes still get wet. To avoid such situations completely, waterproofing is your best option and here is how to go about that.

water proof shoes1

Before you around waterproofing all the shoes in your closet, you should know that they all have various designs and materials. If you use the wrong waterproof product for the wrong material, it might damage your shoes rather than protect them. Never waterproof shoes which are made of shiny leather or patent leather as it will ruin the finish. Also do not waterproof the embellishments and hairs. You just have to wait for the rainy season to be over to rock them.

Water proofing products include: beeswax, lotion, cream or oil, and spray on.

Waterproof shoes2

Before waterproofing the shoe make sure that it is clean. For new shoes just wipe a clean cloth over it to make sure that there are no dust particles on it. Also cover all the embellishments, trims, hairs or jewels on the shoe as they might get damaged by the waterproofing product.

Waterproofing with beeswax: If you are using beeswax to waterproof your shoes then its best to wear a glove as the wax might get on your hand.
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Now take the wax and rub it all over your shoe. Ensure you dry your shoes for a couple of minutes (preferably with a blow dryer) so that the wax melts and is sealed on the shoe material. Let it cool for five minutes and after that time your waterproof shoes are ready!

Waterproofing with Lotion/Oil: Open the oil / lotion and take out a generous amount on a clean towel. Then rub it all over your leather shoes. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then take another clean towel and wipe off the excess waterproofing product left on the shoes. Now just wait for 24 hours before flaunting your beautiful shoes without caring about the puddle. When you want to reapply, make sure you clean the shoes and they are dry before doing so. This is to ensure that you don’t have buildup of products.

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While using spray-on, follow the instruction as directed on the body of the can. They are a more basic than the rest because they are specifically made for waterproofing shoes. This is the best bet for the shiny leather or patent leather.

Waterproof your shoes at most once a year and no more. Then, you will be rainy-day ready at all times.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: toxel.com, brit.co

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