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Maleek Berry Covers Blanck Magazine

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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

With sold out shows around the globe and making of jaw dropping hits, Maleek Berry shines on the latest issue of Blanck Magazine.

Maleek Berry

The music star shares his dream of creating an entirely new music genre that will pave the way for the African music talents in the UK and the world over.

Speaking about his rise to fame he tells a familiar tale of struggle and perseverance; having to do odd jobs despite having a second-class upper grade in Computing from Coventry University and ditching all of that to pursue his dream.

Maleek Berry

Maleek has set his eyes on the high price of success; something he says is a very tall dream but one he is pursuing with all his might and talent.

To read full article, download the BLANCK Magazine App to buy digital copy.

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Cover Credits

Interview by Franka Chiedu /@fasindi

Photographer: Cloee /@cloeephotographer

Stylist: Joehundred /@joehundred

Post production: Sonya Retouch/ @sonya_retoucher

Source: Blanck Digital

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