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Malia Obama is the first daughter of America. Literally- her dad is the President of America. A few weeks ago, a video of her was leaked online and it showed her smoking what appeared to be marijuana at Lollapalooza. People shamed her on social media because apparently, when your dad is the leader of the free world, you can’t live your young, carefree, life again.

But Malia, who will be attending Havard next year btw, clearly could not care less about the haters. And she let them know loud and clear when she attended the Made in America festival this past weekend wearing this t-shirt.



Yeah you read that. She’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Smoking Kills’.

Malia-Obama-Made-America-Festival-2016 (1)


Paired with a Harvard hat and that smile, that shirt clearly says ‘I’m fully aware that smoking kills but it’s none of your business what I do with myself and my body so byyyyyyyye haters’.

Kmt bye


Can we just say, we totally love the confidence. Keep doing you Malia. Keep doing you.

Malia-Obama-Made-America-Festival-2016 (2)

Written by Damilola Okejide