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We’ll get to the Duck thing soon enough, but before that…

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m sure you’re all looking for somebody to enjoy that year with. Well, one sure fire way to impress that member of the opposite sex it to always know where you’re going and when you need to be there.

This may sound silly or obvious but the term “Black People Time” didn’t just come from nowhere. We as a race are known to be late (Fashionably or no) for everything.

Yes, yes, yes… we have all heard tell of those women that love spontaneity, but like unicorns this only works if you put some creativity and planning to work (Imagine the planning it takes to stick a horn on a horse…)

So even when it comes down to being creative and spontaneous, please put in some effort and plan a bit. No one wants to be that guy who is quirky and cute but also known as a flake. A reliable guy with a sense of direction is much more attractive.

I’m not saying be early to every event this season (you and the staff will arrange all the chairs), but start small, if you have a group thing, then help sort the travel/party plans in advance. Going for dinner? Don’t just ask where they would like to go, have some options in mind ahead of time.

See, its all about perception, you need to look like you have your act together… Don’t go all Gung Ho and become a military dictator, just be a duck….

Yes, a duck. On the surface you have to look cool, calm and collected, gliding from one scenario to the next like a duck, barely creating any waves… Whilst under the surface of the water you are paddling like mad to get things in order.

With all this said and done, don’t forget the previous note about admitting when you eff up, showing some vulnerability can go a long way. So if your plans don’t work… Own up and smile because at least there was some sort of plan in the first place.

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