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How to be attractive? Get a hair cut. Wish it ended there but we know there are a million videos out there covering things from skin treatments to full body make overs. Well, we are here to help you without annoying your wallet.

But before we go on you may have noticed that we have been giving you tips on how to be attractive… see the last tip here.

So, where were we…? How to be attractive:

– Get your hair cut:

So this one is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s no psychological or emotional brain teasing, it’s very simple.

As a man, by now you should have an idea of what you like your hair looking like, and must have been to many barbers. So get out there, find a decent barbershop or salon. Build a relationship with the people that work there.

That last part is important, if you have a good relationship with them then they actually care how you look when you leave the door. Gist with them, ask them about their friends and family, take notes on what styles you have done together when you can, so you know what they are amazing at and what they are ok at.

Go as often as you can afford and stay sharp or sleek. If you are not a Denzel or Idris looking kinda guy, then a sleek cut cant surely up your game. No a hair cut will not make you the don with the ladies, but it will improve your chances. You can try out popular styles and the like, but always be ready to let them go when the style isn’t stylish or if it just isn’t working for you.

Also: acknowledge your dandruff or other scalp issues and try to fix them – they’re not going to go away by themselves. If you feel amazing, you’ll come across as attractive. It’s, like, science or whatever.


Look forward to more tips from the A-Man, and check out How to be a man while you are at it.

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