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How to be attractive by not bragging? Well, yes, I admit this sounds silly but if you have been paying attention you will notice that we have been giving you tips on how to be attractive… You can see the last tip here.

So on the same vain, we are here to give you our tips on how to be attractive without having to hit up the ATM or your friend the beauty vlogger.

– Don’t brag about money

We have all been there (and in some cases are the one doing it) when you hear a guy telling his friends or some babe about how they got the new iPhone or the latest G Wagon or some such thing. Yes, some men love to go on about their “things” bragging about how much they earn, how much they turned up with bottle service over the weekend or even how their account manager loves them, but we also know how this does’t phase many people.

People like this are seen as pretentious and may look great on the outside but can the thought of as not looking good on the inside.

The real issue with this is that it make you look like an insecure kid on the playground who is hoarding their toys but telling everyone how they where the 1st to get the latest hover board or whatever. As such, is not the most attractive of sights.

You may be lucky and some women will see you as a project they can take on, they want to make you the man of their dreams and not the bragging champion, but that is not the way to go, as you are you and probably wont change. then they may just see you as a wallet and help spend that money you like to talk about.

If that’s what you want, then enjoy. but to be attractive, stop bragging… just don’t do it.

Look forward to more tips from the A-Man, and check out How to be a man while you are at it.

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