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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

An unnamed blogger has been slammed a fine of $4,000 for spreading rumors of a love affair between American Rapper and entertainment entrepreneur, Dr Dre and 95-year-old South Korea’s ex-first lady, Lee Hee-Ho.

The man who is 72 years old had hinted an “unlikely romance’ which was to lead to marriage happening with the intention of them laundering funds of the late former President, Kim Dae Jung.

Hee-Ho was the first lady of South Korea from 1988 to 2003 and is an influential figure in South Korea.

The blogger has however been convicted of “cyber defamation” and “defamation against the duo with a fine of $4,000.

Lee Eun-hee, a judge in the court, said the rumor was baseless and “violated the honor of the deceased and the bereaved”.

“The rumour about the slush fund and the marriage between Lee and Dr Dre is groundless.

“It’s unclear, however, whether anyone ever fell for the news of the unlikely romance,” Eun-hee said.

The rapper-producer who is married to Nicole Threatt and have two children together one of the world’s influential and richest music stars. He co-owns Beats by Dre with music mogul Jimmy Iovine and is known for the sale of Beats Electronics, makers of high end headphones ‘Beats by Dre’ to Apple in 2015 for $3 billion.

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