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how to be a man

Last time on “How To Be A Man” we talked about the importance of social interactions and how they help shape us into the Men we are. So on that same vain lets get into how to shape the body of the man you want to be.

Chapter 2 – Shape That Body

We live in an entirely different world from our parents- in their day a man just needed a mustache and beer to be considered manly. Men today are of a different breed.

These days most men out there fret and worry over their moobs, beer bellies, spare tires and the likes just as much as the women do. But the difference is, unless we are showing off improvements, we never bring it up. We just let our mind run amok with thoughts and plans of going to the gym or starting that jogging routine we bought trainers for.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the gym. The way I see it, men tend to think of the gym as a place you can just walk into and, off the shelf, pick up that hot bod you always wanted. It’s not about being healthy or generally keeping fit any more, its all about being the star of our very own reality tv shows.

You know what I mean, don’t even be there forming vex. We see it everyday, just look at Snapchat, Facebook (if people still do that) or Instagram.
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This is where we find the men who have been working out, with their mirror shots of their sweaty bodies and of killer snaps of them on the treadmill. Yes oh, we know you have gym membership. But just scroll through their feeds and you will notice not that many have regular gym pics. Just the ones from the bi monthly I’m-feeling-fat-so-let-me-gym-small collections.

The whole world is currently on the same tip so don’t think I’m here vexing for anyone? Just look at David Beckham, the epitomy of Captain Lookgood, with his briefs and six packs donning magazines all over the globe. Just compare him to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and you notice that this is now the norm. Our ideals are locked into the self serving narcissistic ideals of those with the audience reach. Yes, Kim Kardashian is the role model for many women out there (sigh) and I guess we men have the same.

Point is, we are all entitled to be the stars of our own tv show, but every now and then a real man should think of his health before sculpting his abs. It’s one thing to look sexy but an entirely different thing to be healthy enough to play with your 5 year old daughter when she is buzzing on a sugar high.

Be a man- check your BP every now and then. And abeg, eat a salad.

Stay tuned to Acceleratetv.com for the upcoming chapters.

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