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David Rumsey, a man who has made it his life mission to impregnate Miley Cyrus’ has been arrested at her iHeartRadio set in Las Vegas.

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Rumsey had showed up after tweeting about his obsession with getting Miley Cyrus pregnant.

According to reports, the police was called to the T-Mobile Arena after Miley’s security team noticed the man in the audience. He was on their watch list because he had allegedly made previous threats against her.

“It’s my life’s mission to impregnate Miley.” The guy also claimed he was going to raise Michael Jackson and Prince from the dead so they could party with him and Miley.

After being detained by Miley’s security team, Rumsey was arrested and booked into the Clark County Jail on a felony charge of making threats. He is still currently in custody.

In tweets the week before the concert, he tells Cyrus he’s sorry for hurting her and blames Donald Trump. Then he insinuates that after they meet in Vegas, they’ll be able to have a party with MJ, Prince, and Tupac.

The twisted tweets are why Cyrus’ team had distributed Rumsey’s photo to staff inside the venue and instructed them to be on the lookout during her performance.
By Damilola Faustino

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