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Manchester United ran riot against Leeds on Sunday, with Scott Mctominay putting on one of his best ever performance in a United shirt, as they ran out as winners with a 6-2 score line. The victory totally sums up United this season, one moment they look like a mid table side, next moment they look like one of the deadliest counterattacking teams in the world.


The three points and the six goals mean that United are now in third place in the Premier League, with a game in hand. Another win would leave them just two points behind Liverpool, who are currently top. Does this mean they can challenge for the title?

While United aren’t better than City or Liverpool, that really doesn’t matter as this season has shown that to win the title, you just have to be a bit more consistent and win as many of your small games as possible, and not necessarily beautifully or by defeating your close rivals. 


The Premier League this season will most undoubtedly go to the fittest and consistent team, and United are looking like they might finally have what it takes. While United will be happy with their current league position, the consistency still remains to be their biggest problem. They have just two home wins, and their away record would be far more impressive if they didn’t keep coming from behind to record wins. 

Against Leeds, it was clear the visitors played straight to the home teams hands.  United entered the Leeds half 66 times, and from those 66, 47 of them ended up their final-third and from those 47, 23 ended up in their box. These numbers are numbers you’d expect from a Premier League side against a League one side. 

Manchester United fans should enjoy the victory and their league position, but should also bear in mind that not every team would play right to their hands, just like the way they did earlier this season, in their 1-6 loss to Tottenham at home. If they can be more consistent, this game wouldn’t look like a fluke, but rather, a masterclass. 


By muyiwa aguda

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