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Manchester United’s resurgence, is quite overwhelming if you consider their situation and position back in January.

Since losing at Old Trafford back in January to Burnley, United have gone on a 17 game unbeaten run in all
competitions. On this run, they’ve managed to reduce the gap between them and Chelsea, which was 6 points back in January, to just 2 points presently. Perhaps the most exciting fact, is the closing in on the gap between them and Leicester, from 14 points to just 1 point (this could actually be attributed to Leicester’s awful form this year).

The resurgence of Manchester United could be attributed to three main people, Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood and the man behind the master plan, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Bruno Fernandes has provided 6 assists since joining Manchester United in February, the most for any player since he joined. His contribution is more than just the stats. Since he joined the team, there has been a renewed belief in the players, leading to a rise in playing levels. The player has clearly brought about a new type of play for the team, and there appears to be greater harmony and composure whenever the team plays.


With 16 goals in all competitions, despite not starting a lot of matches, Mason Greenwood has repaid Ole Gunnar’s trust, to the extent there have been calls by fans for the United youngster to never sit on the bench again. Able to fire off shots with both feet equally, there’s really no stopping this United forward.

Then, there’s the man behind the wheel, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Credit should be given to the former United player for believing in his team and creating a team that’s capable of defending against the best players.

Everything appears to be going well at United currently, but there are still a number of problems left to be fixed. for example, David De Gea has been found wanting, making rookie mistakes which could cost the team in the long run. There have been calls for United keeper on loan at Sheffield United, to replace the Spanish International, but Ole Gunnar doesn’t appear to be listening, as the loan has been extended.

Then there’s the problem of captain, Harry Maguire, who sometimes appears to be too slow to react or to calculate an attack to make the right decisions.  An example was the goal against them by Junior Stanislas, where he nutmegged Harry Maguire, before whipping a shot at De Gea’s near post, a shot which a top keepers shouldn’t be conceding.

United are on a resurgence, with setting the new record of winning by a margin of 3 goals or more for 4 consecutive matches, alongside an unbeaten run currently going on, how long will this last? Nobody knows, but what’s for certain is that United is trying their best to get back to being the giants and most feared team they once were. Can they do it?


By Muyiwa Aguda 

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