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Tracee Ellis Ross is serving hair goals in the cover of Essence’s latest issue

Being the daughter of Diana Ross can be overwhelming but not for Tracee. Since her first foray with TV in the series Girlfriends, the Blackish star has continued to make magic.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Amongst her many accomplishments is a recent feather to her hat, the launch of her own hair care line, named Pattern.

For her fourth cover with Essence, she reminisces on the first time she graced the magazine cover with her mother.

“I remember the first time I was on ESSENCE. I was on it with my mom. I thought, Okay, dreams are real, and they can happen. Still, as Diana Ross’s child, you wonder whether you will become anything in your own right. So it was a really big moment to go from being on the cover of ESSENCE with my mom to having my own cover. Now I’ve had three on my own and one with my mom. That’s crazy! I feel a little humbled by that, knowing I have truly filled my own shoes—and maybe even had to buy a couple of new pairs at times. There are people who have no idea that my worth is not based on my mom or what I look like. There’s a wholeness to me that I cherish.”


She also speaks about wanting to provide the perfect hair product for naturally curly-hair girls hence; Pattern.

“I am launching a haircare line for curly, coily and tight, textured hair to empower people and meet the unmet needs of our community at a price point we can afford because we know that we need a lot of product in all this hair.”

She speaks on when and how she accepted her black was beautiful:

“It took me way longer than I wish it had. I’d catch glimpses of people who saw beauty in ways I had missed because of the blinders society gave me. Then one day I was watching a Nina Simone documentary and I thought: Wait. It should be her name next to the word “beauty.” Why was I sold the wrong vision? My heart knows that’s beauty.”

See more photos from the cover below:


Photography – Itaysha Jordan (@itayshaphoto)

Stylist – Law Roach (@luxurylaw)

Hair – Nai’vasha (@naivashaintl)

Makeup – Vera Steimburg (@makeupbyvera7)

Manicure – Maho (@nailbaby_maho)

Floral artist – Jake Kale (@cobralily

By Sarah Oyedo

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