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Find Yourself, Find Your Flow

Do you like to run with music? Do you prefer to run indoors on a treadmill, or pound along the streets of Lagos? What are you most comfortable wearing? These questions must be answered before you even dream of channeling your inner Barry Allen at the Lagos City Marathon.

So what you need to discover as a first time runner is who you are as a runner. The best method is to start small with achievable goals. Short distances that seem reachable are best to start with so that if you nail it with ease you can easily extend, instead of aiming too far and giving up when you eventually don’t reach it. Like this, you start to figure out how long you can go before your body starts longing to stop, or turn around and head home.

Also, do you like to run by yourself? Or would you  rather have a squad charging along with you? Find out these answers with a view to discover your most comfortable situation. It’s a long journey to $50,000.

Find Your Solemate

If you started a job as 007 you would need the perfect pistol, if you started a job as The Transporter, the perfect car. So now that you are a marathoner, do we even need to talk about you needing the perfect shoes? No we don’t, but alas….here we are.

Newsflash: The perfect running shoes depend on the shape of your foot and the way you actually run, and not the logo on the side. So before you ”just do it”, recognize that most shoes feel comfortable when you stand in the store trying them on, so what you need to do is research running styles to find what yours is and how it affects your footwear. In fact you know what, this topic deserves an entire article of its own. So stay tuned and we will bring it to you.

Maybe, just maybe, don’t time yourself


Simply because as a first time marathoner, the goal here is to finish. Yes you have the $50,000 motivation to spur you on, which you have a great chance at winning, but as a first timer with 42km to go, the focus should be completion. Secondly, it should be about enjoying the experience.  All your training for this brave feat aims to enhance and sustain one major virtue, endurance. The will keep you going until the very end, it’s the champion spirit you need. So, throwaway your time goals.                 

Don’t wait for race day, take on the course

Nothing prepares you for race day like taking on the actual course. Even if you don’t run the actual course, practice with the actual distance so that whether or not you finish it, you know how much you can take. The Lagos City marathon goes for 42km, from Surulere to Eko Atlantic, so if you practice and cover a distance of 35km, then you’ll know what is needed to make it through the extra 7km.

Eye of the tiger

Yes, as in the song, one of the motivational themesongs of all time. You know….from Rocky.  What we mean is, test out your own eccentricities and find out what powers you up the most.

Is it dedicating a mile to someone you love? Is it a song? Is it a reward your promise yourself if you finish? Through the course of your training find out what keeps you charged up, including food and drinks. Test your rest and activity pattern to also ensure what state your mind is clearest to take on such a task.

With these tips in mind, maybe your training will go into full swing. But we are not done. Before race day…..we’ll make a marathoner out of you. Stay tuned.

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