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Whether you’re a man or woman, dressing up and appearing refreshed, ready for that morning run is already enough motivation to attend the Access Bank marathon (apart from the 50k cash prize). Of course, when you show up for the run you want to look your best yet gym ready amongst your competitors. Here are a few tips below to get you prime and prepped in mind, body and spirit.


No make up  

My fellow women, I know when we attend public spaces or events, no matter how prestigious it is, we just love to wear makeup. Whether it’s just foundation or a dab of concealer or even nude eye shadow its always necessary to look the best. Opt to go barefaced. Trust me, you really don’t want to look like you’re melting at the finish line. 

Braiding up your hair  

As we all know sweat is bad for the ends of your hair as the salt can dry it out (and we always wanna keep it moisturized). If your hair is out, doing a deep conditioning hair treatment, the night before is the best way to prep your hair for the upcoming event. After that put it up in a pineapple bun or have it neatly braided into cornrows.  

Make sure to tuck the ends in. If it’s already in braids, that’s even better as its already in a protective style. However, still make sure to apply moisturiser or oil to your scalp. Tea tree oil or peppermint oil is beneficial as they both remove build-up of dead skin cells and oils. 

Moisturize your skin/sunscreen  

Always moisturize your skin before and after the race. We’re still in the dry season so it’s important to apply that extra barricade for protection. Particularly with sunscreen. Most of us are prone to dry skin and discoloration however with sunscreen we can battle both issues. 


Sometime during the day or the night before, close your eyes, get into zen mode and practice some breathing techniques to alleviate stress for the day of the marathon. Aerobic exercises are also beneficial as stretching your muscles enhances blood flow and prepares your body for rigorous exercise.  


This increases joint mobility and flexibility and also enhances blood flow. Getting placed in a relaxed mood prepares you for the stress filled marathon ahead. 

Positive affirmation 

Always remind yourself that you’re strong, powerful and capable when pursuing your goals. Make sure to watch inspirational and motivational videos on your favourite athletes. Surrounding yourself with positive people and repeating words of affirmation will help immensely particularly with your self-confidence. Its not easy of course but going in with enough optimism you can manifest yourself as the winner of the marathon (with that 50k cash prize to boot).

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