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By Damilola Faustino

Latin music superstar Marc Anthony stiffed the longtime maid who cleaned the Long Island manse he shared with then-wife Jennifer Lopez out of about $500,000 in wages, according to a new lawsuit by the former housekeeper.

marc anthony

Concetta Graziosi is suing Anthony in Brooklyn Federal Court claiming he forced her to work up to 80 hours a week without overtime pay.

Graziosi, who cleaned up after Anthony, “Maid in Manhattan” star Lopez and their kids from 2005 until the 10,000-square foot Brookville house was sold in 2017, claims she wasn’t even paid minimum wage.

Instead, she received $2,000 every two weeks, no matter how many hours she logged, according to court papers. Anthony even deducted a processing fee from her paycheck, which was directly deposited into Graziosi’s bank account, the suit says.

Sometimes he didn’t pay her at all, according to court papers. She also didn’t get any paid vacation time and was sometimes required to work seven days a week, the suit says. And apparently, Anthony didn’t know about Fresh Direct.

“At times [Graziosi] would buy groceries for the household prior to her ‘official shift’ starting, with no compensation,” the suit says.

Her lawyer, Jonathan Bell, said his client was terminated shortly before Anthony sold for $4.5 million in October 2017.

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