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Whether you asked for a Harley Quinn standalone movie or not, you are getting one, and it is titled ”Birds Of Prey”.

The 2020 release is to be directed by Cathy Yan who directed 2018’s Dead Pigs, and it tells the story of Harley Quinn before the assemblage of Suicide Squad and maybe even before she became the first lady to the clown prince of crime, The Joker.

Birds Of Prey will also feature known Justice League comic affiliates Black Canary and Huntress.

The role of Black Canary has Gugu Mbatha Raw and Janelle Monae in the  running for the part.

 As for the role of Huntress, it could be played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Cristin Milioti.

Since the Harley Quinn solo outing will come some months after Joaquin Phoenix’s currently filming Joker movie, we can only hope that Mr J will make an epic cameo in Birds Of Prey.



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