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By Damilola Faustino

Mariah Carey has won a court battle against a concert promoter who claimed her no-show at their scheduled South American concerts cost them millions of dollars in damages.

mariah carey

The lawsuit stemmed from legal action Carey originally took against FEG Entretenimientos S.A. when she claimed she was forced to cancel after she did not receive proper payment for the scheduled appearances.

The promoters counter sued and accused the singer of defaming them in a tweet that read, “Devastated my shows in Chile, Argentina & Brazil had to be cancelled. My fans deserve better than some of these promoters treated them.”

FEG sought $3 million — $2 million for the defamation claim and another $1 million for bailing on the concerts.

The judge in the case dismissed the defamation claim against the singer, and noted that her tweet was an “opinion.” He explained that the words “deserve better” are vague and did not damage the promoters.

Mariah is personally clear of the $2 million claims, however, her entertainment company may still have to pay the remaining $1 million for the scrapped shows. Her case against the promoter is also ongoing.

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