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Even with his visit to Nigeria, the one thing that is still the same about this young CEO and father is his dress sense. He has chosen to wear the same grey t-shirt and jeans EVERY SINGLE DAY. This seems strange and possibly boring to the rest of the world (or some) but not to us. We find Zuckerberg’s choice as a bold and remarkable fashion statement.


Mark Zuckerberg1


The reason according to the CEO for this choice is that he would rather focus on more productive things with his time than deciding what to wear. He has it all figured out. Given fashion is about making a statement, he has made his own. He has become the grey t-shirt and jeans CEO and that is enough for us. The thing we have to learn about fashion as from the move of Zuckerberg is that the number of things you have doesn’t show your style but the choice of the little you do have (grey t-shirt and jeans). Although he can he has a billion dollar reasons why he can have the same outfit for every day and get away with it.


Mark Zuckerberg3

You may want to switch things up a bit, that’s up to you. What to learn from all this will be that you do not have to sacrifice a productive and important part of your life for wardrobe reasons. Like going late to work one day and your excuse will be you didn’t know what to wear. Just be like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. We want you to express yourself but do that with reason.

Mark Zuckerberg2

Unlike most CEOs, he doesn’t hide behind the façade of intimidating suits. Mark Zuckerberg has made a point which is that he is the easy going, approachable boss that some of people may never have. And yes, we got that from his style choice. Given how much he has achieved since the start of Facebook; we can understand his point of view. So believe this or not, you may have contrary views about this but Mark Zuckerberg is the most daring, fashionable CEO on Earth.


Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: nytimes.com, irishexaminer.com, markforhm.com

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