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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Village Marketing, an all-female creative agency, has rented and decorated an apartment solely for influencers to pose and show off products in.

village studio

According to Village Marketing’s Vickie Segar, “They’re able to have a place that’s a home to shoot lifestyle home moments in.”

The agency literally created an Instagram-worthy penthouse apartment so that influencers can have their perfect shot and it is called Village Studio.

The apartment, according to New York Times, is located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood and is 2,400 square feet, $15,000 a month to rent, and features millennial pink and other Instagrammable decor from online furniture company Wayfair, which also designed the space.

The penthouse apartment has already been booked through October by influencers who want to pose on the pink couch or in the large marble bathroom – where beauty products are most-often promoted.

The bedroom happens to be the most popular room in the house thanks to its memorable wallpaper and fluffy bed.

“There’s tons of pillows in the bed for them to work with,” Segar said of the room’s appeal.

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Pillow fights encouraged. #VillageStudio

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The apartment also has a roof complete with city views and outdoor furniture and a spotless kitchen perfect for placing edible product placements.

While the space has only been open since August, it’s already been featured in the background of a number of influencer posts and the pictures received thousands of likes.

See pictures below:

Amazing the number of opportunities social media avails us.

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