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In July, Mary J Blige officially separated from Martins Kendu Isaac, her husband of 12 years and made us question whether love really exists. Now the divorce drama has started.


Mary J Blige Divorcing


According to TMZ, Blige’s estranged husband/ex-manager popularly known as Kendu is taking a dive for her pocket as he just filed his response to Mary’s divorce petition and it’s clear that there has been a lot of war over spousal support. Kendu is asking for support but Mary (who, let’s face it, is obviously the one paying the bills) wants to go through the court to prevent him from getting any of it.

What we are not quite sure of yet is whether or not there was a prenuptial agreement. 12 years ago, Blige was pretty massive so we like to think she signed that prenup and made sure she was sorted. But man, love makes you do crazy things.

Also, we learnt that Kendu wants her to pay his lawyer’s fees. A bit much? What do you think of this whole debacle? Let us know in the comments below.



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Written by Kike Olowu 



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